About Us

I am a mother and a daughter of our beautiful mother earth. This company was started out of love and from a desire to make a healthier world for our children. When I was pregnant, I made a conscious decision to create more of an "Organic Life Style" for my family. This was typically hard to do, and challenging, but my dream and vision prevailed with the cherry on top being my very own line of organic clothing for babies and toddlers.  I am a graphic designer, artist and crafter and this has been an amazing journey and now my family and I are "organic" and "recycling" nuts ~ we love it!
My family loves to do arts and crafts, read poetry, hike, go camping, practice yoga (on and off our mats) and grow our own vegetables. My son has loved romping around in our clothing for the past two years and the Grow-with-me aspect has been especially beneficial.  The clothing is comfortable and the collection's colors are soft and natural. This softness allows the child's complexion to shine, which emphasizes the innocence and playfulness of childhood.
My designs, which are inspired from nature and the wisdom from many places of wonder in all my travels,  are screen-printed on to the Toddler Tunics-T's and Lap-T's

I am in awe of our children and I believe parenthood is a privileged journey. If we open our hearts and listen quietly, our children have a lot to teach us. Please enjoy my clothing and feel free to communicate or ask questions.

Love and giggles


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