2013 Coral's Little Reef went to L.A to enjoy the wonderful YOGA - LOVE
festival organized by Vishwanath Iyer to to launch his book "Yoga and Love".
Coral's Little Reef - "Stirring The Organic Pot" I did an amazing Natural and Eco Dye Course with the wonderful India Flint in August 2012.
Coral's Little Reef researched organic farming and we worked on an organic avocado and vegetable farm in Watsonville, CA, next to Santa Cruz.  What a great experience, becoming one with the earth and getting out of the city.

Coral's Little Reef at "May Fare Festival 2012" at the Waldorf School of San Diego.
Coral's Little Reef Fashion Show at the amazing Del Mar Peace Festival September 2011.

Coral's Little Reef -  launch in 2011 at Earth Day in San Diego