Product Philosophy
I designed this collection with 2 words in mind: pure and comfort...
Babies and toddlers need to play and explore, their skeletal structor is growing and should be allowed to move naturally not being hampered by restrictive clothing that my look cute but is really not practical. My soft cotton fabric is organic and rib knitted to allow movement, the pants are elasticated to stretch and the Lap Over Tees allow the heads to come through easily without putting strain on their necks (also easier for mommy). The color palette is soft and inspired by the innocence of nature and my four screenprinted designs are about pure, conscious and inspirational living: "I Am One With The Sun" "Go With The Flow" "Om" and "I Am Love ~ Heart Chakra". 

Giving Back
We donate $1 for every item purchased, because we care, and we, like you want a better world for all. We are in the process of selecting a charity or organization so if you have a charity you love, let us know.

Romp-able Clothing

Our pants are especially comfortable and they have an elastic waist so babies and toddlers can bend over and allow the tummy area to expand.  They won't fall down when your little one is running around or require unnecessary fumbling when using the potty. 

Grow-with-me Clothing
Grow-with-me clothing saves you money in the long run.  My son has worn the same pair of pants for almost 2 years now!  The cinch-ties at the bottom are an extra loving detail that can tie up extra length or be let out as they grow.  Once the child has grown half an inch and you remove the cinch tie at the bottom of the leg, the pants grow half an inch giving you an extra season in them. Keep the ties and added them back to make a cute pair of 3/4 pants. 

The Yoga Shirts are meant to grow with your child, as well.  They are long like a tunic, down to the groin area, allowing many growth spurts and can be worn for 2 years - again saving you money in the long run.

Love-infused Designs
My background in Theta healing taught me that love can be intended into objects that surround us.  I apply these principles to Coral's Little Reef by infusing unconditional love into each individual piece in my clothing collection.  When I embroider select portions of the clothing, I repeat a loving mantra while doing so. 

Easy to Dress
My Lap-over T-Shirts are so easy to get over wiggly babies and toddlers heads, my moms love this.

Organic Clothing
It is well known that chemicals that are added to our foods, clothing, and building materials can be detrimental to our health especially our infants and toddlers. Coral's Little Reef takes pride in using only the best quality Organic Cotton to make our Baby clothing and Toddler Yoga Wear.  The cotton is milled in South Carolina and the clothing was made in San Diego.  It is truly 'Made in the USA'.

Conventional cotton is known as a "dirty" crop because so many pesticides and insecticides are needed to maintain a successful crop, thereby dumping tons of chemicals into the environment. Organic cotton farming is grown without the uses of all these chemicals and is therefore better for our planet.

By choosing organic food or organic cotton clothing from Coral's Little Reef, you are putting your money where your beliefs are!  You are expressing your desire to preserve the earth for your children and grandchildren. You are directly supporting the farmer who makes the decision to sustain the land instead of profit by spraying chemicals. Organics prevent pollution of our waterways and help us raise natural and healthy newborns and toddlers.

Did you know...that babies have porous skin since their skin does not produce oils as our does. Their skin has a higher absorption rate than ours.  Conventional cotton clothes often contain formaldehyde, a known neurotoxin, to protect mass-produced cotton from moisture and mold. As parents we can't always directly control the environment around our children but we can control what touches their skin throughout the day and night. We, at Coral's Little Reef, are proud to be part of the organic movement.



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